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Draft Parking Strategy 2024-2034

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Consultation status Closed
Start date: 2023-10-02
End date: 2023-11-12
Results 2024-02-28
Category: Business and Jobs, Roads, Transport and Parking

Activity closed.

Cars in parking bays


West Berkshire Council has an important role in managing and enforcing parking provision within the district and is given powers to do this under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the Road Traffic Act 1991, the Traffic Management Act 2004, the Civil Enforcement of Road Traffic Contraventions Regulations 2022, and the Transport Act 2000.

As a local authority responsible for all aspects of parking in the district we are looking to establish a Parking Strategy, which we will review every 10 years, that explains our goals and priorities such as keeping our roads clear for traffic to move freely and controlling inconsiderate or unauthorised parking. This builds on our Icon for pdf Parking Policy [1MB] , which was adopted in 2008. 

The last few years have seen a considerable change; the impacts of Covid-19, in particular, have seen increased working from home and consumer spending moving online and away from high streets, leading to a huge growth in home deliveries. The focus on the environment is also seeing a change to electric vehicles with different infrastructure requirements to petrol- and diesel-engined vehicles. 

We can use our parking powers to positively influence the environmental impact of travel in West Berkshire and in conjunction with our place-making strategies, protect and enhance the economic vitality of our town centres and the development of a strategy supports this. Within our rural setting, there remains some reliance of the use of motor vehicles but equally we must consider the climate emergency and the need to facilitate greener and more sustainable forms of transportation to enable residents' and visitors' continued enjoyment of West Berkshire.

How we developed our draft strategy

In developing our Icon for pdf Draft Parking Strategy 2024-2034 [1MB] , we reviewed the demand for and availability of parking, and carried out extensive engagement with internal departments and councillors. 

We've also considered national and local policies and strategies, such as our Local Transport Plan (LTP), which works alongside the emerging Local Plan, and other strategies designed to help deliver our council wide priorities, including the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle Strategy, the Bus Service Improvement Plan, the Council Strategy 2023-2027, and the West Berkshire Vision 2036

We've drawn this information together and have developed a draft strategy that:

  • provides a clear direction for the overall management and enforcement of publicly-available parking within West Berkshire
  • determines how parking is charged
  • determines the parking capacity required
  • determines the infrastructure and other assets required to meet these and other Council objectives
  • determines how parking can promote sustainable transport solutions and an improved public realm
  • considers how changing technology will affect the service provided in the future
  • determines the appropriate level of parking provision for those with restricted mobility
  • determines the appropriate level of parking provision for vehicles other than cars

Icon for pdf You can read the Draft Parking Strategy 2024-2034, which includes full details of our proposals here [1MB] .

Why we want your views

We'd like to understand what vehicles you have and how often you use them, what sustainable transport option you prefer to use, and which of our parking services you use, e.g. resident parking permits.

We'd like your views on our draft strategy, specifically our proposals for:

  • car parks - how they operate, availability and payment methods
  • on-street parking places including accessible parking
  • parking charges and user discounts
  • season tickets and resident permits
  • enforcement
  • other vehicle parking
  • electric vehicle charging and availability

We'd also welcome your opinion on what else you'd like us to consider or include.

How to take part

If you'd like to comment on our draft strategy, please complete our survey by midnight on Sunday 12 November 2023. It should take about 10 minutes.

If you have any questions about the consultation, please email or call Parking Services on 01635 519213. 

For general enquiries about Parking Services, please visit our webpage

What happens next

All the feedback we receive will be used to shape the final Parking Strategy 2024-2034 which will be considered by elected members at the Executive Meeting being held on Thursday, 8 February 2024.

Following this, the final strategy will be published on our Strategies, Policies and Plans and our Parking webpages.

An annual monitoring report will be published on our Parking webpages during 2025, to assess the achievements of the final strategy.


NB: Please allow enough time to complete the online survey. There is no 'save and continue' button, however, if you use the same device and web browser you started completing the survey with, you can pick up where you left off and/or edit your response until the survey closes.  This is because a cookie is stored in your browser that remembers your survey response. Please note, responses are saved and submitted 'page by page' when you click the 'Next' or 'Done' button at the bottom of each page; they don't automatically save as each question is answered. If more than one person in your household wishes to complete the online survey, they must use a different device and/or browser.

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