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Conservation Areas

A list of Conservation Areas in West Berkshire

A Conservation Area is an area of special architectural or historic interest, with a distinctive character or appearance that is desirable to preserve or enhance. The area could be a town or village, a fairly large neighbourhood or a particular group of buildings.

We have a duty to assess whether particular parts of West Berkshire should be designated as Conservation Areas. Our policies, and government legislation, help to make sure these areas are then protected.

The Core Strategy sets out the council's policy for Conservation Areas. This is supported by our programme of Conservation Area Appraisals.

We also offer advice about applying for planning permission in a Conservation Area.

Conservation Areas in West Berkshire

There are currently 53 Conservation Areas within West Berkshire.

You can view Conservation Areas on the West Berkshire Online Map.

We've listed the Conservation Areas and their date of designation below:

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