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Walking, Cycling and Horse Riding - Maps and Open Access Land

Cycling, riding and walking routes and maps in West Berkshire

Walking and cycling have an enormous benefit on our health, and can also be great fun. Below, we have provided information, maps and leaflets on routes for walking, riding and cycling in the West Berkshire countryside.

You can find out more about using walking and cycling as transport in more urban areas on our walking and cycling maps and routes page. You can also find information on walking and cycling to school, here.

Open Access Land

The public can legally walk freely on mapped areas of mountain, moor, heath, downland and registered common land without having to stick to defined paths.

In West Berkshire there are areas of open access on commons, heath and downland.

You can find information on rights, responsibilities and access restrictions on the Natural England website. You can also search for open access land on Natural England's map search website.

Maps and Leaflets

You can find out more about walking, cycling and riding routes across West Berkshire in the documents, listed in alphabetical order, below:

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