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Soil conditioner give-away

On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March 2024 there will be a give-away event at the Padworth Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF), Padworth Lane, RG7 4JF, between 10am and 4pm where residents will be able to pick up Veolia's locally-produced soil conditioner for free! In addition, we will have recycling collection points for old and unwanted vapes, batteries and small electricals.

The soil conditioner is produced at Padworth from food and garden waste, collected across West Berkshire, and is being provided free of charge to West Berkshire Council residents through its partnership with Veolia.

Residents must bring along their own bags/boxes to load the compost into their vehicles and will be responsible for collecting and loading the soil conditioner from the site to their car. All soil conditioner must be contained in bags or boxes and cannot be loaded directly into cars.

No booking is necessary, however, we will be asking that attendees bring along ID or a bill with them to prove they are a resident of West Berkshire. This is a free event, and some queues are likely during peak times. Please be patient when you arrive as we aim to allow as many people as possible to collect the soil. We'll be restocking throughout the day, so there's no rush to arrive early. Also, let's be fair - we ask residents to take a reasonable amount to make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy this fantastic offer.

Please note, there will be vehicle restrictions in place. Vehicles listed as prohibited in the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) user guide on page 12 will not be allowed. No commercial vehicles will be admitted; this is for householders only. Residents have to take necessary precautions for carrying the soil conditioner safely to their vehicle. The event organisers accept no liability for any injuries that may be sustained by residents loading their vehicles with the materials. Residents wishing to visit the household waste recycling centre must still book an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I go on site for the give-away?

Please enter the site and follow signs for the visitor/staff car park. This will be past the entrance to the Padworth Household Waste Recycling Centre. There will be signage in place and staff available to direct you to the right place.

What is the soil conditioner?

The soil conditioner is made from the garden and food waste collected from households in West Berkshire, as well as some smaller inputs from other Veolia customers. The food and garden waste has been treated in the in-vessel compost (IVC) facility at Padworth to produce the soil conditioner. The soil conditioner is certified as organic and peat-free.

Will be there be any other soil conditioner give-aways?

This will hopefully be a twice yearly event, however, we will advertise any events that we hold.

Can I purchase the soil conditioner at other times of the year?

Residents can't purchase the soil conditioner that we produce at Padworth. The soil conditioner is currently used by local farmers and landscapers. Compost produced from other Veolia sites is available to purchase at Newtown Road Recycling Centre.

How do I collect the soil conditioner?

The soil conditioner will be located inside a container. The container is not level with the ground therefore there will be a step to get inside the container. The soil conditioner will need to be manually loaded by yourself into your bags and boxes and placed inside your car to take home. If you have a shovel you'd like to bring along, please do, however, these will be provided on site for you.

How much can I collect?

We ask that you only collect a reasonable amount, such as the equivalent of 6 x 50l bags, to ensure everyone has an opportunity to make use of this offer. You may be asked to stop and move on if you are taking an excessive amount. 

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