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Licence to Temporarily Deposit Building Materials on the Highway - S.171 Licence

Find information about and apply for a licence to deposit building materials on roads, pavements, off road footpaths and verges

Apply Online to Deposit Building Materials

Consent is required if you want to place or store materials on the Highway. This may include building materials, spoil, storage containers, contractors plant, debris from trees or vegetation, GPR or topographical surveys and traffic management (not including traffic lights or stop and go boards).

Any damage to the Highway will be recharged to the Consent holder.

Consent is not necessary if materials are placed on private land.

You should apply to deposit building materials online, no less than three working days before the date you wish to deposit materials on the highway. 

A fee of  £91 plus £30 per week is payable for this licence.

Application Supporting Documents

To support your application, you are required to provide the following documents:

  • A plan showing the proposed location of the deposited materials and any required temporary traffic management
  • A copy of your current insurance policy
  • Receipt of your last premium payment

Your policy should indemnify West Berkshire Council to a limit of £5 million in respect of each and every third party claim, action, demand, expense and liability arising out of or by reason of anything done, or omitted to be done, in respect of works on, in or over the Highway.

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