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Child Protection Conference Chairs

The role of a Child Protection Conference Chair

Child Protection Chairs are managers who sit independently of the social work teams and are accountable to the Director of Children's Services. 

The role of the chair includes meeting the family (and where appropriate their child or children) before a Child Protection Conference, so that they understand what will happen and to answer any questions. During the conference, they ensure that parents and their children (if present) fully understand what is being said and have an opportunity to comment on each agency's information.

It is the chair's role to make sure that everyone has a chance to express their views and that everyone's opinion is heard. 

It is also the role of the chair to ensure that any actions agreed within the conference are clear. This includes making clear what is expected of the family and what they can expect from the professionals supporting them, to ensure that their children are safeguarded and their needs are met. 

They are also responsible for ensuring that Local Authority Child Protection Plans are robustly put in place, reviewed and progressed, to ensure timely outcomes for children, young people and their families.

If the child, or children, are of sufficient age and understanding (usually 10 years old or over), they may be invited to take part in the conference. The chair decides if the child can come to all or part of the meeting, depending upon the information being discussed.

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