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What to Expect: Child Protection Conferences

Information about Child Protection Conferences for families and young people

If you have been invited to a Child Protection Conference, we know that this is a worrying time for you. West Berkshire Children and Family Services wants to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your children and family.

This page will help you to prepare for the conference and to understand what will happen at the meeting. Families in West Berkshire have generously shared their experiences to help you know what to expect.

What is a Child Protection Conference?

A Child Protection Conference is a meeting between families and professionals that is held when there is concern about the safety of a child within a family.

We have a duty to put the safety and wellbeing of your child first, but we always prefer to keep families together if possible. Everyone at the meeting is there to help and support you in protecting your child from harm.

The conference will:

  • share information about the child's health, safety and wellbeing
  • assess whether a child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm
  • identify the strengths within the family
  • identify any support needed by the family and the professionals and agencies who might be able to provide this
  • identify changes needed (if any) to ensure the safety of the child
  • decide if the child needs to have a child protection plan

The conference will not make decisions about legal or court action, or about where children should live.

The conference will be chaired by a Child Protection Conference Chair.

You can find out more about who will be at the conference and what will happen in Icon for pdf our Information about Child Protection Conferences for parents and families leaflet [285KB] . You can prepare yourself for the meeting by thinking through some of the topics on Icon for pdf our Report Template for Parents [36KB] .

Information for Children and Young People

You are the most important person at this conference. Your social worker will help you and explain what to expect. You can read Icon for pdf our Information about Child Protection Conferences for young people leaflet. [279KB]

You may also find Icon for pdf our Report Template for Children [36KB]  useful for thinking through some of the questions that could be discussed at the meeting.

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