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Delivery of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) projects and annual reports

About the monitoring and reporting of CIL.

Infrastructure Funding Statement

Under Regulation 121A of the CIL Regulations (Amendment) 2019, we are required to publish an annual report on infrastructure delivery through CIL and section 106. This replaces the previous reporting under CIL regulation 62.

You can view the Infrastructure Funding Statements below:

The government also recommends that local authorities publish details of all developer contributions held and their status in an open format, known as CSV files. This is a non-mandatory requirement.

The CSV files are published below, and cover all CIL records up to 31 March 2021:

CIL reporting

Under Regulation 62 of the CIL Regulations (Amendment) 2010, we are required to publish an annual report. You can find links to these below:

The 123 list

The Regulation 123 List was a list of infrastructure types and projects in West Berkshire that may in whole or part, be funded from CIL. 

From 1 September 2019, the CIL Regulations (Amendment) 2019 deletes the Regulation 123 of the CIL regulations, which require a CIL charging authority to publish its List of infrastructure to be funded through CIL receipts. The Regulation 123 List has now been archived.

The CIL governance arrangements explained below provide further information:

Strategic projects

The authority is delegated to the Head of Development and Planning to distribute strategic CIL receipts in the following manner:

  • 70% to be allocated transport and highways and education projects
  • 10% to be allocated to other services

Meaningful proportion

From the total of the CIL receipts collected, 15% of the generated income is required to be allocated towards the provision of new infrastructure in the community (town or parish council) in which development has taken place, up to a limit of £100 per existing council tax dwelling. This rises to 25% of receipts where a community has a neighbourhood development plan in place. In West Berkshire, the only neighbourhood development plan to be adopted is in Stratfield Mortimer. 

Under the CIL Regulations (2010) (as amended), in a Regulation 121B report, the parish/town council must publish, on an annual basis, the amount of CIL money it has received, spent, brought forward from previous years, intends to carry forward to the following year and where money has been spent. A pro forma report has been supplied to the parish/town councils in West Berkshire. This information is required to be published on the local councils' websites on an annual basis.


Under the CIL Regulations (2010) (as amended), West Berkshire District Council is permitted to allocate up to 5% of all CIL receipts to assist in the costs of administering, monitoring and enforcing the CIL.

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