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Amending an Approved Planning Application

Making amendments to planning permission that has already been approved

There are two types of amendment that can be proposed to a planning application that's already been approved: Non-material amendments and Material amendments.

Non-material amendments

A non-material amendment to an approved scheme can be summarised as:

an insignificant variation in a detail, or details, of an approved scheme which does not raise any new issues which would warrant the submission of a fresh planning application

To apply for this, you need to complete and submit the form for 'Non Material Amendment', which you can find on our Amendments applications page. The completed form should be returned to us, accompanied by plan(s) clearly showing the changes proposed, and the appropriate fee.

If you're not sure if your proposal will be accepted as a non-material amendment, please contact the Planning Service.

Material amendments

Where there is a relevant planning condition on an approved permission, it is possible to seek to either vary or remove conditions by a material amendment.

To apply for a Material Amendment, you need to complete and submit the form and checklist for 'Removal or Variation of Condition (S73) following grant of planning permission'. You can find this form on our reserved matters and conditions page.

This submission should be accompanied by plan(s) clearly showing the changes proposed and the appropriate fee.

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