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Schools Forum

West Berkshire's Schools Forum

The Schools Forum is a statutory group set up under the Education Act 2002 to give schools more involvement in the distribution of funding for education within local authorities.

The role of the Schools Forum

Forums have a role to both consult and advise on key aspects of schools strategy and budget, but also to look at wider issues in education.

The West Berkshire Schools Forum:

  • provides consultation on the allocation of the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG), monitors its spending and agrees the 'carry forward' on central spend
  • provides consultation on changes to the local school funding formula
  • provides consultation on changes to contracts affecting schools
  • provides annual consultation on financial arrangements for pupils with high needs, in alternative provision and in early years provision
  • agrees how much funding is centrally retained
  • agrees the level of school contingency for the growth fund and falling rolls fund, and agrees the criteria for accessing these funds
  • agrees proposals for the de-delegation of funding (maintained schools)
  • agrees changes to the scheme for financing schools

Schools Forum members

The Schools Forum consists of both school and non-school members.

The school members represented include:

  • nursery schools
  • primary schools
  • secondary schools
  • academies
  • special schools
  • pupil referral units

The non-school members include:

  • the Diocesan Boards of Education
  • trade unions
  • private, voluntary and independent early years providers
  • providers of non-school 16 to 19 education, such as Further Education (FE) and sixth form colleges

In addition, West Berkshire Council officers and elected members can contribute to discussions at meetings, but are not eligible to vote.

The latest meetings, agendas and minutes are available online.

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