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Speed Management

Making West Berkshire's roads safer

You can report speeding traffic using our online form.

The speed at which traffic moves on our roads is one of the main factors in fatal incidents, and West Berkshire Council has a responsibility to make sure our roads are safe.

As part of the councils Speed Management Framework Policy, we work with the police and local parish and town councils to introduce measures to help keep speeds within safe limits.

These measures might include the following:

Traffic Calming

We use traffic calming measures to manage roads with a history of accidents. We do this using a number of different methods; for more information, you can read the Icon for pdf Department for Transport Traffic Calming document [2MB] .

Measures are not introduced without careful consideration and consultation with those people and organisations that have an interest.

Speed Limits

Changes to speed limits, or the introduction of new limits, are considered by a task group consisting of West Berkshire Council officers, local councillors and the police.

This task group carefully considers each request, using government criteria and best practice. They make recommendations that are then considered by Individual Executive Member Decisions.

Details of the latest speed limit proposals can be found on our online consultation hub.
We also publish a list of Icon for excel previous decisions related to speed limits [125KB] .

Speed Intervention Programme

Before tackling an issue with speeding, we need to work out exactly what the problem is and how it happens. We do this by gathering speed data. The data we collect allows us to make an informed decision about a solution or potential next steps.

Speed data is collected using different types of equipment, with some being operated by West Berkshire Council, and others operated by parish councillors.

The data collection equipment that might be used includes:

  •  Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) - these can be loaned to parish councillors and partners to gather speed data
  •  Temporary posters - a set of four posters are available, designed with road safety messages
  •  Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) are used as warning signs to reduce the risk of an incident occurring
  •  Speed Data Recorders (SDR) are non-contact, covert traffic monitoring devices
  •  Community Speedwatch (CSW)  - an educational programme run by the Police

You can read more about the techniques and outcomes that might be used to tackle speeding in our Icon for pdf Speed Intervention Programme Leaflet [99KB] .

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