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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

Assessing and managing the risk of flooding in West Berkshire

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) assesses the flood risk across the district. Consultants JBA were commissioned to carry out an SFRA to support the Local Plan Review and the Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

Level 1 SFRA (2022)

The Icon for pdf SFRA (2022) [3MB]  provides an overview of flood risk across West Berkshire. 

It contains the following appendices:

Level 1 SFRA Addendum - Cumulative Impacts Assessment (2020)

Following the completion of the Level 1 SFRA, changes were made to the National Planning Policy Framework. The changes now require SFRAs to consider the cumulative impact of development on flood risk within a catchment.

As an addendum to the Level 1 SFRA, JBA consulting produced a Icon for pdf Cumulative Impacts Assessment [1MB] .

Level 2 SFRA (2021)

The Icon for pdf Level 2 SFRA [846KB]  looks at the flood risk to specific sites to supplement the information within the Level 1 assessment. A Level 2 SFRA is not required to support the Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

There are three appendices to the Level 2 SFRA:

A Level 2 SFRA of the North East Thatcham strategic site allocation was prepared as part of work on the Core Strategic Development Plan Document in 2009, and it can be viewed Icon for pdf online [4MB] .

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