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Respect our Parks and Open Spaces

Find out more about our Respect Our Parks and Open Spaces campaign that was launched in June 2021

A banner image for our Respect our Parks and Open Spaces campaign, with the slogan 'Enjoy our open spaces; Respect other users; Take your rubbish home'

More than ever before, residents and visitors to West Berkshire have been enjoying the district's parks, playgrounds and countryside for recreation, especially since the first national COVID-19 lockdown started in March 2020. However, this unfortunately led to a huge increase in the amount of litter being left behind, including overflowing dog waste bins.

As a result, West Berkshire Council's 'Respect Our Parks and Open Spaces' campaign launched in June 2021, coinciding with the first day of meteorological summer.

Our Campaign Banners

In June, visitors may have seen our brightly-coloured vinyl banners appearing in parks and playgrounds around the district. These banners share a simple message to remind people to enjoy outside spaces, respect other users and take rubbish home.

The Council's Communications and Countryside teams worked with Parish Councils, local community and voluntary groups, and charities, to select graphics and messages that they felt would resonate with their communities. Where possible, banners carry both the Parish and West Berkshire Council's logos to show that they share common goals - locally and district-wide.

The Countryside Code

The campaign also highlights the fact that not everyone who visits the countryside is aware of, or follows, The Countryside Code.

In addition to our banners, the Council's digital channels highlighted some of the areas covered in the Countryside Code, such as checking safety advice and permissions, keeping dogs close by and under control so they can't worry wildlife or livestock, and reminders not to cross private land.

Visitors to our parks and open spaces and countryside are asked to follow the Countryside Code, and specifically to respect other users by keeping dogs under control and taking rubbish home with them.

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