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Planning appeals

Information about appealing against a planning application decision.

You have the right to appeal if you're unhappy with our decision on your planning application. This might be because you feel it's been refused unfairly, or because you disagree with conditions that have been imposed.

Planning appeals are decided by the Secretary of State, but more usually by a Planning Inspector appointed to act on their behalf.

How to appeal

You can make an appeal on the GOV.UK website.

Once an appeal has been lodged and a start date issued by the Planning Inspectorate, we'll contact people we think might be affected by the proposal, and tell them how the appeal is set to be determined (decided). The appeal can be dealt with and determined in one of three ways:

  • written representations
  • hearing
  • public inquiry

The inspector will look at the issues involved, and may visit the site before reaching a decision. This decision is final, and can only be challenged in the High Court on a point of law.

You can find ​​​​​​​further information and guidance on planning appeals on GOV.UK.


How to comment on an appeal

If an appeal is in progress, anyone who a planning proposal might affect can contact the Planning Inspectorate with comments on the proposal, regardless of how the appeal is being determined. You can search for or comment on a planning decision or notice on Appeals Casework Portal.

The only types of appeal that can't be commented on are:

If the appeal is to be determined at a hearing or public inquiry, you can attend the proceedings and, if the Planning Inspector agrees, express your points of view there. If you would like to attend and speak at a hearing or public inquiry, please . You should also contact the Planning Inspectorate's case officer - their details will be on the appeal notification letter we send to all affected parties.


How to find out about an appeal decision

You can use the Appeals Casework Portal to search for appeals cases.

To find an appeal in our district, enter West Berkshire District Council as the Local Planning Authority name (you can select the name from the menu that appears when you begin to type into the box).

To refine your search, enter a case reference number, add a date, or enter a status of 'complete'. This will return results about appeals where a decision has been made. Alternatively, select a status of 'in progress' to find current appeals.

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