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Site Visits by a Planning Officer

Visits to planning application sites by a planning officer

When we receive your planning application with the necessary plans, documents and correct fee, we will register and validate it. We'll then write and acknowledge your submission. If your application is incomplete, we will ask you for the missing information. Once validated, the application is allocated to a named planning officer.

Site visit

A planning officer will visit the site of the proposed development, normally within five working days of a complete application being received. This visit will happen at all sites where work is proposed to take place according to the application.

Due to the number of applications submitted to us, planning officers will not usually agree a specific appointment to make a site visit. However, if access to the site is not possible without specific arrangements being made, please make this clear in the relevant part of the application form.

Site notice

The planning officer will place a site notice at each location, publicising the application in a place where the public can read it. The site notice will invite comments to be submitted from any interested parties within the 21 days following display of the notice.

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