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On-street Residents Electric Car Charge Points

Charge point locations, charges and requesting a new charge point

ubitricity - Electric car charge point

In partnership with ubitricity we are running a trial project in the East and Westfields areas of Newbury and in Hungerford. The purpose of the trial is to help inform us of how we can best help residents without off-street parking make the switch to using electric vehicles. 

To date we have installed 36 charge points and the locations are available on the map below.

How Does It Work?

The charge points draw electricity from a lamppost, where you'll be able to connect your charging cable. Our charge points can be used with a standard charging cable. 

Every charge point has easy-to-follow instructions for charging your vehicle.  

Our charge points are 3.7kW and are designed for overnight charging. The exact charging time will depend on the size of the vehicle battery and how much charge is left. To get an idea of charging time, divide the battery size or available capacity by the charge point rating. For example, an empty 30kWh battery at one of our 3.7kW charge points will take approximately eight hours to charge. 

Visit ubitricity's questions and answers webpage for more information, or view Icon for pdf our frequently asked questions [188KB] .

Charge Point Locations

We also have charge points in some of our car parks.

How Much Does It Cost?

To charge using Pay as You Go access, it costs £0.49 per kWh (+£0.35 connection fee per charging session).

Please note that this cost will change to £0.45 per kWh standard (21 hours a day) and £0.79 per kWH peak (between 4-7pm) on 30 November 2022.

Request a New Charge Point

If you have an electric vehicle or are interested in buying one, and don't have off-street parking, please get in touch and let us know.

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