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Mineral Extraction and Waste Management Planning

Development management, monitoring, enforcement and strategic policy making for Minerals and Waste development.

Current Minerals and Waste Planning Policy

The current planning policy comes from the Replacement Minerals Local Plan for Berkshire (RMLP) and the Waste Local Plan for Berkshire (WLPB). These plans were produced jointly by the unitary authorities that make up the former Berkshire County area.

The Secretary of State has directed that a number of policies in the RMLP and WLPB for Berkshire should be saved indefinitely until replaced by national, regional or local Minerals and Waste policies:

Emerging Minerals and Waste Planning Policy

We are currently in the process of producing a new Minerals and Waste Local Plan that will replace the RMLP and WLPB. The MWLP was submitted for examination on 29 July 2021. Further details can be found on the Examination page

Minerals and Waste Planning

The Minerals and Waste Planning Team is responsible for:

  • assessing planning applications for development proposals relating to mineral extraction (the process of removing mineral from the ground for construction, manufacturing or industrial purposes) and waste management facilities
  • handling breaches of planning control at minerals and waste sites
  • the formulation of minerals and waste planning policy including the writing of annual monitoring reports

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