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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place every year in May and it's a chance to focus on what we can all do to have a good mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 is on 15-21 May, and this year's theme is anxiety. 

Mental Health Awareness Week provides a good opportunity to talk about your mental health and wellbeing with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Anyone can talk about mental health! Starting conversations about how we are feeling is really important, and getting support early can prevent problems from getting worse. 

We all have mental health, not just people who have mental health problems. 

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, try and learn more about anxiety and how you feel when you are anxious. Some things that might help with anxiety include: talking to a friend or relative about what is making you feel anxious; writing down what is making you feel anxious; or deciding to have worry time where you schedule a time to focus on your worries. Focusing on your phsycial health may also help. Are you getting enough sleep? Have you done any physical activity recently? Make sure you are eating regularly as well.  Some people find breathing exercises and mediation are good for anxiety. 

Do share any examples of what helps you when you are feeling anxious on our social media channels and use these hashtags #fivewayswestberks #MHAWwestberks

The charity Mental Health Foundation FAQs about Mental Health Awareness Week on their website. 


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