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Maintenance of PROW Furniture (Gates and Waymark Posts)

There are 1,100km of public rights of way (PROWs) in West Berkshire and hundreds of waymark posts and gates.

We largely focus on waymarking the most used PROWs, and we also have a specific remit to install waymark posts to mark routes from the roadside.

What can my town or parish council do?

You can maintain PROWs and waymarked posts and gates to a higher standard in your ward. You'll need to discuss this with us first, to make sure that we don't duplicate any works.

There is also the option for town and parish councils to pay West Berkshire Council to carry out more maintenance of PROWs in their ward.

Before you get started on any public right of way maintenance task please make sure that you have discussed this and agreed it with the PROW team:

You will not be allowed to undertake digging tasks, as we have to ensure the integrity of underground services and interfering with these can have serious consequences.

What do I need?

You will need to complete a risk assessment for any works to be carried out, to make sure that they are carried out by competent individuals who have the necessary training to operate power tools.

You'll need to have the appropriate insurance in order to carry out these works. Please read our Insurance Guidance for more information.

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