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Our Foster Carers in Their Own Words

Videos of our Foster Carers describing their experiences

You can watch these videos in our Youtube Playlist, or watch the individual videos below.

Here's Linda and Andy talking about their 18 years of being Foster Carers and the need for more carers, of all kinds, long and short term. You can make a difference even if you can offer just one day a week or month to give a child or young person the love and support they need to move forward.

If you foster with us, there's a strong community waiting to support you. We spoke to our Foster Carers at their recent Halloween party about why they love being part of their local Hubs.

Julie, Nikki and Claire, three of our Foster Carers, speak about why they chose to become carers. They talk about their experiences of working with West Berkshire Council's Fostering Service, and how they've been supported by our unique training and support network.

Julie and Claire, two of our Foster Carers, talk about how they made the decision to become carers, how they fit things around their existing families, and about their experiences with the children they've fostered.

Julie, one of our Foster Carers, talks about how she feels fostering helps to give something back to our communities, and how fostering has benefited both the children she's cared for and her family as a whole.

Our Foster Carer, Claire, talks about her experiences with fostering, how she fits it in with her family life, and how West Berkshire Council supports her in making sure that there's positive outcomes for the children she cares for.

Nikki, one of our short-term Foster Carers, talks about her experiences with respite and short-term care, and how she welcomes the children into her home, and how she feels when they move on.

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