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AI show and chat

We're continuing the debate on using artificial intelligence in local government.

Posted by: Phil Rumens on 14 December 2023 09:25
Image of a happy robot printing out a piece of paper generated by DALL-E

In July 2023 we started to take our first steps into using artificial intelligence (AI), or to be more precise large language models and machine learning, to draft job advertisements.

We've also looked at using ChatGPT to summarise lengthy reports, which Joseph Holmes our Executive Director - Resources wrote more about on Room 151, and Amazon Translate to translate documents into a host of different languages.

Although there are legitimate ethical and security concerns about the use of AI which we always need to keep in mind, local government is largely only restricted by its imagination.

In the spirit of the Local Digital Declaration, on 14 December we ran a show and chat for colleagues across local government, including members of LocalGov Digital, which 170 people attended.

The show and chat featured a high level overview of AI and some demonstrations of how we're using AI in production and prototype; you can see the video of the session below.

If you work in local government and would like to get involved in the discussion across the sector, you can join the LocalGov Digital Slack - if you're not already a member you can sign up here.

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