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What to Expect: Children in Care (CIC) Reviews

What's involved in a Children in Care (CIC) review

It is a statutory requirement that every child or young person who is looked after has a Care Plan. This plan might also be called a Children in Care Plan or a CIC Plan.

A child's care plan will record their individual care needs and how these needs will be met.

To help ensure that Children in Care Plans remain up to date, all care plans must be reviewed regularly. This is done as part of the Children in Care (CIC) Review.

A child's first CIC Review must be held within 28 days of a child becoming cared for. The next review must be within 3 months of the first review. After this, reviews will be held at least every 6 months. Reviews can be held more frequently if there is a lot happening in the young person's life, or if there are significant changes in the overall plan.


What happens at a CIC Review

Before the first review, an outline Care Plan will be drawn up by the social worker and will be shared with those with Parental Responsibility 5 days before the CIC Review.

After the review, the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) will amend and update the plan within 5 working days, and the meeting notes will be available within 20 working days.

CIC Reviews are the child or young person's meeting. They will be held in the place that is best for the child or young person. This is likely to be at the place where the young person lives, but can be somewhere else. If a child wishes to chair their own CIC Review, they will be supported to do this by their Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO). Children and young people also have the right to be supported by an advocate during their review.

It is very important that all children in care are able to express their thoughts and feelings about the decisions that are being made about their lives.

Parents attending a CIC Review

The child or young person will be asked who they would like to attend the review. When it is possible and appropriate, parents will be invited to attend reviews so that they can give information to help update the plan for their child.

The views of parents and carers are very important to the review, so parents are encouraged to fill in the consultation documents.

Where it is not felt to be in the best interests of the child for the parents to attend the review, the IRO will offer to meet with the parent separately so that they are given the opportunity to share their views as well.

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