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West Berkshire Car Club (hire a pay-as-you-go car)

Enterprise Car Club is now the official car club provider in West Berkshire, working in collaboration with West Berkshire Council.

An Enterprise Car Club car parked on the road side.

The club gives residents 24/7 pay-as-you-go access to vehicles at designated locations and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch in Newbury via a mobile app.

Members can also access vehicles available across the wider network of 1,400 Enterprise cars and vans located in towns and cities across the UK.

Find out more, and view where vehicles are located on the Enterprise Car Club website.

Discounted membership for West Berkshire residents

West Berkshire residents can join for £1 (reduced from £60), plus get £10 free driving credit, with promotional code NEW110. This saves new members £49 in their first year.

You can find the promotional Terms and Conditions on the Enterprise Car Club website.

Claim the NEW110 offer on the Enterprise Car Club website.

Free membership for members of the previous car club provider

Residents who used the previous car club provider can join for free, plus get £25 free driving credit, with promotional code NEW025.

To verify that you are a current or previous member of a different UK car club, once you have submitted your application form to join Enterprise Car Club, please email evidence of your alternative membership to

We only need to see a booking or membership confirmation email which includes your name and a recent date. You can find the promotional Terms and Conditions on the find the Terms and Conditions on the Enterprise Car Club website.

Claim the NEW025 offer on the Enterprise Car Club website.

How Enterprise Car Club helps sustainability in West Berkshire

Encouraging residents and business to make use of shared transport provisions, such as car clubs, helps to reduce congestion and improve air quality. Research from shared transport charity 'Collaborative Mobility' shows that car club cars produce 72 per cent lower emissions (PM2.5) than the average car. The positive impact is increased by the fact that 18.5 private cars are replaced by each car club vehicle on the road.

For more information on this visit the CoMo UK website

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