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Location and Site Plans

Submitting a valid application and how to produce and pay for plans online

Most planning applications need a location plan and a site plan (also known as a block plan) to be submitted. These are supporting documents which show the location and boundaries of the site you are planning to work on.

Submitting invalid or insufficient plans can mean a delay for your application. The most common reason for us to return your planning application to you is that the location and/or site plans are invalid or incomplete. You can find help and advice getting your plans and supporting documentation right on the Planning Portal website.

When using Ordnance Survey mapping for planning applications, the map should:

  • not be a Land Registry document
  • not be used for multiple applications
  • show Ordnance Survey Crown copyright as an acknowledgment
  • not be a photocopy or screen grab image
  • not be copied from existing Ordnance Survey mapping if using hand drawn maps, such as standard sheets

The Planning Portal 'Buy a Plan' service allows you to produce and purchase the required plans online from various sources, including Ordnance Survey.

You will be required to verify where you obtained the plan from if the plan does not indicate Ordnance Survey Crown Copyright and/or a License Number. If you are unable to produce sufficient detail, then your application may be deemed invalid.

Please note that where a planning applicant/agent repeatedly submits plans which appear to be based on unlicensed Ordnance Survey mapping, we will inform Ordnance Survey so that it can investigate any potential infringement.

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