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I'm Glad That I Have You by Geoffrey Scott-Baker

Posted by: Geoffrey Scott-Baker on 13 October 2023 14:53

Frank, my knees are playing up.

There's nothing they can do,

To ease or cure arthritis.

I'm glad that I have you.


I can't get out to see my friends.

Or walk in the fresh air.

My back is really bad today.

I'm stuck here in this chair.


Carers help me out of bed

And prep me for the day.

I manage simple meals for lunch.

What's that I heard you say?


Well, yes Frank, there is radio.

And tv programmes too.

Then in between we have a chat.

I'm glad that I have you.


Each end of day the carers back,

They help me in to bed.

And then the night time noises

Put nightmares in my head.


A click or bump an unlocked door?

A knife man come to kill me?

That creak a burglar on the stairs?

Each noise with dread will fill me.


But Frank, I know that I have you.

My lifelong love, my spouse.

You comfort me when tears flow.

Your presence fills this house.


But could you talk a little more?

I wish you'd take your turn.

Instead you sit so quietly

In your cremation urn.


I miss you Frank, I miss your warmth.

This hell I can't abide.

I pray each night I won't wake up

And be back by your side.

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