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Council Strategy and performance

Our plan, goals and priorities, and how we report progress.

Council Strategy 

Making West Berkshire greener, fairer and more prosperous, with thriving communities and services we are proud of

The Council Strategy sets out the strategic direction for our services by defining the areas that will be prioritised over the next four years. This ensures that all services are working together to focus on the delivery of these priorities and our mandatory services. 

The Council Strategy 2023-2027 and its delivery plan were approved by elected Members at the Council Meeting on Thursday, 5 October 2023.

The strategy is reviewed after two years to ensure it is still relevant. We look at the progress that has been made, and if there are any differences in the context in which the council operates, e.g. changes in government legislation, and the evolving needs or our residents.

Access the Council Strategy

Online Version - Click here to view the online and accessible version of the Council Strategy

PDF Version - Icon for pdf Our Council Strategy 2023-2027 [3MB]

Council Strategy Delivery Plan

To accompany the Council Strategy, we've developed Icon for pdf a comprehensive Council Strategy Delivery Plan [2MB] , which sets out a framework of performance measures, key milestones and targets, and details how we are going to achieve our priorities and outcomes.

We will assess how well we're doing in achieving our priorities and outcomes annually and will adapt our plans as new opportunities and challenges arise to ensure that we remain on track in responding to residents' needs.

Icon for pdf You can find the delivery plan as a pdf here [2MB] .

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor our progress towards achieving what we've set out to do in the Council Strategy each quarter through our performance management framework.

You can see how well we're performing either by reading our Performance Reports, which are published as part of the Executive Committee agenda after the end of each financial quarter:

Quarter Two: Meeting on 14 December 2023

Quarter Three: Meeting on 23 May 2024

Quarter Four: Meeting on 4 July 2024


Or click here to go to our Performance Portal.

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