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Method Statement: Local Grass Cutting

Staff or volunteers employed in these tasks on behalf of the local council need to apply their training, manufacturers instructions and the outcome of any risk assessment before undertaking work.  The following method statement is to be seen as general advice only.

West Berkshire operates a street works permit scheme and anyone carrying out works in the road will legally need to apply to West Berkshire Council for permission, in advance of the works.

All works on the public highway must comply with the signing, lighting and guarding requirements of Section 65 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

Any traffic management requirements, including any Portable Light Signals, must be applied for with the permit for the works, giving at least seven days notice, unless of an emergency nature, and including a legible plan depicting each layout and sent to the Streetworks Team.

Resources for Activity

  • minimum of 2 operatives
  • hand tools
  • strimmer
  • walk behind mower

Recommended Work Sequence

  1. All operatives must be trained in the use of all equipment and in risk assessment.
  2. All operatives must were appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. ie safety boots, gloves, hard hat, visor, goggles, ear defenders, long sleeved high visibility reflective clothing (waterproof as required).
  3. Upon arrival at site carry out a Site Specific Risk Assessment (SSRA). Amend the SSRA as required during the day's activities.
  4. Set up appropriate traffic management for work or use pre-arranged traffic management set-up. This will previously have been agreed with West Berkshire Council Highways.
  5. Implement the outcomes from the risk assessment document. This should include the following general recommendations as well as any other specific obligations.
  6. Ensure all operatives maintain secure footing when working on uneven ground or around ditches.
  7. Check of the area to be mown and remove any objects that could damage the blades or have the potential to become a projectile whilst mowing or strimming.
  8. Remove any litter in the area before cutting grass.
  9. Blow off hard surfaces after grass cutting.
  10. Be aware of pedestrians, cyclists, horseriders and other road users during any mowing or strimming operation. Where members of the public/third parties could be at risk of being struck by flying debris the operation must cease until it can be assessed as safe to continue.
  11. All operatives using walk behind mowers must be trained on their safe operation and have an operator's manual to refer to for use and maintenance purposes.
  12. All operatives using strimmers and brushcutters must have received training in their safe use and have an operator's manual to refer to for use and maintenance purposes.
  13. All fuel must be stored in proper containers and, where fuel is stored or transported, a fire extinguisher must be available at all times.
  14. Funnels or suitable nozzles must be used when fuelling to prevent any spillage, all spillages must be contained and cleaned up.
  15. All machines must have safety checks carried out before use and defects addressed. If any safety critical faults are identified the equipment must not be used.
  16. All works must be carried out in daylight hours.
  17. Strimmers to be used for trimming around street furniture and other obstructions, trees, along the base of hedges and in confined areas where the use of other grass maintenance equipment is not possible.
  18. Care must be taken when strimming around highway electrical equipment as there may be exposed cables, all damage no matter how slight must be reported to the appropriate agency.
  19. Be aware of ground conditions and sloping ground. Ensure extra care is taken whilst working uneven or unstable ground. Maintain good balance and secure footing whilst working. Avoid work on wet embankments which can be slippery.
  20. Ride-On-Mowers should be used for cutting large areas of grass (see Method Statement for Ride-On-Mower).

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