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Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) and Planning Commitments

Monitoring of planning policies, including the Five Year Housing Land Supply

Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

The AMR examines progress on preparation of the Local Plan and monitors the policies set out in the Development Plan Documents (DPDs).

Five Year Housing Land Supply

We are required to identify enough deliverable sites to meet our housing requirement for the next five years. 

Previous years

Planning Commitments

Monitoring of planning commitments takes place annually, with a survey date of 31 March.

The Planning Commitments for housing show total dwellings completed, outstanding commitments, number of dwellings on sites newly permitted in the previous 12 months and  number of dwelling starts. The documents contain summary tables and detailed schedules of progress on sites with permission for housing.

The Planning Commitments for non-residential uses provide information about current planning permissions for industrial, commercial and retail development, indicating development progress at the survey date.

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