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Berkshire Digital Infrastructure Group Survey Results April 2022

The survey ran from the 7th March until the 22nd April and was open to business and residents across all 6 Berkshire regions (Bracknell Forest, RBWM, Reading, West Berkshire and Wokingham).


1,789 Responses

Bar chart responses

121 - Bracknell
66 - Reading
417 - RBWM
207 - Slough
414 - West Berkshire
564 - Wokingham

Responses 98%

98% of responses were from residents who had internet access at home.

We asked whether people were aware of current Government infrastructure initiatives, such as Superfast Broadband, and Project Gigabit.


Here is what they said

Broadband and Gigabit

Superfast Broadband

46% Pie Chart

46% of respondents were unaware of the superfast Broadband project.

Project Gigabit

76% Pie Chart

76% of respondents were unaware of the BDUK inititative to have 85% of UK connected to a gigabit connection



Covid on Screen

13% of residents changed their own broadband connection to help during Covid.

Covid Pandemic

88% - Most business did not change their work broadband to help during the pandemic.


Public WIFI

WiFi Radar

51% of respondents use and connect to a publicly hosted WiFi connection

WiFi Search

49% of people are still wary of  connecting to WiFi due to concerns about snooping and sniffing

WiFi Phone

65% of respondents do not have an unlimited mobile plan - so public WiFi access could save them money

WiFi Radar

86% of respondents feel that having WiFi enabled access to the internet for all is very beneficial


5G and Smart Cities

Heard of 5G

90% Pie Chart

90% of respondents have heard of 5G - with over half of all respondents not haivng a 5G enabled device

Smart Cities

70% Pie Chart

70% of respondents have never heard of smart cities and their benefits


Digital Inclusion

% of residents felt able to do the following :

WiFi Search

99% Use a search engine

Digital Inclusion Social

85% Comment or share on social media

Digital Inclusion Image

96% Download an image online

Digital Inclusion Buy

94% Buy and install apps on devices

Digital Inclusion URL

99% Access website from URL

WiFi Search

96% Search for online help if have issues

Digital Inclusion Mail

99% Send a message via email/app

Digital Inclusion Form

97% Complete online application forms



"We need to ensure we have reliable and fast internet connections for all homes across berkshire to support remote working and education."

"No point worrying about 5G when mobile signal is so poor!"

"[The] first political party that brings free wifi to everyone, gets my vote..."

"The Pandemic has changed the way we all live, work and study, and we need to ensure our infrastructure is kept up-to-date and supports this."

The data collected in this survey will be used to help improve public infrastructure across Berkshire - and we anticipate a further survey later this year.


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