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School Admission Arrangements

Information about admissions arrangements (rules and procedures) for different types of school, documents relating to admissions schemes and policies

School admission arrangements are the overall rules (including the procedure, criteria and supplementary information) used in the allocation of school places.

They must comply with the School Admissions Code. Arrangements are set by 'admissions authorities'.

Types of school, what they're called and who's responsible for them can be confusing. You can find a helpful explanation of school types on the GOV.UK website.

Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools

West Berkshire Council sets the admissions criteria for community and voluntary controlled schools in West Berkshire.

We also produce the admission policy for maintained nursery schools, though we don't process applications for nursery school places (these should be made directly to the school).

Local authorities are required to have schemes to coordinate admission to schools.

If changes are made to admission arrangements

Admission authorities must set admission arrangements annually.

If changes are made, we run a consultation.

West Berkshire Council Determined Admission Arrangements and Co-ordinated Schemes

The West Berkshire co-ordinated admission scheme applies to all maintained schools and academies in the area.

Below, we've listed both determined admissions arrangements (for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools) and co-ordinated schemes documents:

2024-25 Admission Arrangements

2024-25 Co-ordinated Scheme

2023-24 Admission Arrangements

School Catchment Areas

If you think that the admission rules made by an academy or maintained school are unlawful, or against the School Admissions Code, you can object to the Department for Education's Schools AdjudicatorThe forms for objecting are on the GOV.UK website

The deadline for objections each year is 15 May.


Voluntary-aided, Foundation and Academy Primary Schools

Voluntary-aided, foundation schools and academies set their own admission arrangements, as each school's governing body is their own admission authority.

You should contact them directly for more information. Below, we've linked the individual school websites:

Voluntary-aided, Foundation and Academy Secondary Schools

Maintained Nursery Admission Policy

Fair Access Protocol

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