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New Tourist and Directional Signs

Businesses and organisations can apply to have tourist or directional signs installed on the public highway. This type of signage is not designed to advertise or promote the establishment but to aid their customers or visitors along the most appropriate route in the final stages of their journey. As these signs are unlikely to benefit the wider travelling public all costs must be met by the organisation requesting the signs. The current charge for a West Berkshire Officer to design and manage the installation of the signs is £556. This is on top of the contractors charge for manufacturing and installing the signs and any necessary traffic management. Once an application is received an Officer will design the signing scheme and provide an estimate for the works. Works will only be completed once the scheme and estimate is agreed by both parties. No fee is due until the works are complete.

Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis but the following general rules of signing apply when making our assessment:

  • Signs must direct visitors to adequate onsite parking
  • There must be evidence of attempts to advertise the destination, including clear directions of the most suitable route to take
  • Signing will commence from the nearest town/village or nearest main road
  • There is a general presumption against specific signing of individual facilities in urban areas to avoid sign clutter
  • Where two or more similar facilities in one area or on a particular route are identified, generic legends should be used
  • West Berkshire Council can only place signs on the local road network. Signs required on trunk roads or motorways (A34 & M4) must be applied for to National Highways
  • Implementation should be on the basis of new composite signs created where appropriate. New additional singular flag/direction signs should only be installed in exceptional circumstances
  • West Berkshire Council has the right to remove any unauthorised signs/advertising from the public highway. West Berkshire Council also has the right to remove any form of advertising from private land or structure if they believe it to be causing a visual or physical hazard or obstruction to any highway user

Once the signs are installed, they become the property of West Berkshire Council. West Berkshire Council will be responsible for all future maintenance of the signs. West Berkshire Council also reserve the right to remove or alter the signs without notice.


How to Apply

If you would like to apply to have tourist or directional signs installed on the public highway you will need to submit a completed Icon for doc Tourist and Directional Sign Application [165KB] , and a rough plan showing where you would like the signs to be located, to, or post it to Traffic and Road Safety, Environment, Place Directorate, West Berkshire Council, Market Street, Newbury RG14 5LD.

Or, alternatively, you can drop your completed form and plan at West Berkshire Council Reception during office hours.


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