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Blocked Driveways and Obstructions

What to do if your driveway is frequently blocked or obstructed by parked cars

Unfortunately, with many households having more than one vehicle and many private off-street parking areas not able to meet this capacity there is an increasing demand for on-street parking. Although no one has the absolute right to park on the Public Highway they are permitted to do so as long as they are not contravening any restriction or causing an obstruction or danger to others. The public highway is available to use on a first come, first served basis. Your neighbour has just as much right to park outside your house as you do.

However, this high demand sometimes means that some vehicles park on the highway, either fully or partially blocking the access to a private parking facility (i.e. driveway). When an access is fully blocked and prevents the resident from exiting their property they should call Thames Valley Police on their non-emergency number (101) or alternatively call our Car Parks team on 01635 519213 so that one of our team of Civil Enforcement Officers can visit the site and take appropriate action.

When an access is obstructed, making it difficult for the resident to exit their property, we can offer to install what's known as an Access Protection Marking. This takes the form of a single white line with short end marks which is applied to the carriageway across the full width of the access and is designed to deter inconsiderate parking by highlighting the presence of an access. 

Access Protection Marking

We do not have the funding to install these markings free of charge. The current charge is £133 for a line of reasonable length. A wider than standard driveway access may be charged at an increased rate and you will be advised as part of the application process. The fee can be split between households for shared driveways. An invoice will be posted to each household once the marking is installed which will detail all of the different ways to pay.

If you would like to request an access protect marking, please email stating your name, address, where you would like the marking to be placed (photos welcome) and that you agree to pay the fee. An Officer will then visit the site to make an assessment and arrange the works. The invoice will be posted out once the marking is installed.


Things to note:

  • The access protection mark has no legal significance. Any vehicle fully blocking the public highway can be removed by the police or ticketed by a Civil Enforcement Officer regardless of the presence of an access protection marking.
  • An access protection marking can only be placed across the width of your dropped kerb as this is where any potential obstruction is most likely to occur.
  • An access protection marking cannot be placed on the opposite side of the road from your driveway or wider than your driveway to prevent vehicles parking there. To do so would render the marking meaningless and lead to this and many others being abused or ignored. 
  • The fee covers the cost of installation only. The marking would be replaced if and when the road is resurfaced. If the marking were to fade in the interim then another fee would be payable at the current rate in order to have the marking refurbished.
  • We do not install yellow lines to prevent vehicles blocking driveways. Permanent parking restrictions are predominantly necessary where no other offence is being committed. In the case of wilful obstruction of the highway Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980 or Section 22 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 are sufficient to convict the offender.


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