A premises licence is required for one or more of: The sale or supply of alcohol; Provision of regulated entertainment; Provision of late night refreshment
The holder of a Club Premises Certificate may now apply for a minor variation to a certificate: These may include small changes to the structure or layout of a premises, the removal or addition of certain licensable activities or small adjustments to licensing hours and the removal of irrelevant or out of date conditions.
The holder of a Premises Licence may apply at any time to the licensing authority for a variation of the licence eg modify opening hours, or add or remove licensable activities and the process is the same as applying for a new premises licence.
Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)
Ask for the "Designated Premises Supervisor" on a premises licence to be disapplied (removed)
Apply to transfer a premises licence under section 29 of the Licensing Act 2003
Under the Licensing Act 2003, anyone that experiences problems from a licensed premises that can be linked to one or more licensing objectives, may be able to submit an application asking for a licence to be reviewed.