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Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Evidence Base

Evidence supporting the development of the Local Plan for minerals and waste

The Local Plan must be based on adequate, up-to-date and relevant evidence about the economic, social and environmental characteristics and prospects of West Berkshire. The documents below provide the relevant evidence base to support the Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

The Minerals and Waste Local Plan is currently at examination - more details can be found on our Minerals and Waste Local Plan Examination page.

Supporting documents for the Minerals and Waste Local Plan

Duty to Cooperate (DtC) Statement

Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)


Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) screening

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

Policies map

Statement of Common Ground (SoCG)

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Statement of Consultation (SoC)

Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA)

Evidence Documents for the Minerals and Waste Local Plan


Highways and Transport Topic Paper


Landscape and Visual Assessment (LVA) for sites.

Minerals Evidence


Preliminary Ecological Appraisals for sites.

The Council do not routinely publish these assessments as they can contain sensitive information that may be harmful for protected species if it was made available. Reports can be made available on request.

Site Selection Methodology

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

Waste Evidence

Additional background Information (other background and evidence documents)

Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

The AMR monitors the progress of the production of documents associated with minerals and waste planning and the performance of policies within the Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

Ecology / Nature conservation

Information on Ecology, biodiversity and nature conservation in West Berkshire.


Information on heritage and archaeology in West Berkshire.

Landscape character

Details on landscape character in West Berkshire.

Minerals and Waste Landscape Assessments

Site-specific landscape assessments for the emerging Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

Minerals and Waste: Authority Monitoring Reports (AMRs), Local Aggregate Assessments (LAAs) and Local Waste Assessments (LWAs)

Authority Monitoring Reports (AMR) for Minerals and Waste and the Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA).

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