West Berkshire Council

Apply for the School Transport Farepaying Scheme

For pupils who are not entitled to free home to school transport to apply for a spare seat on a school bus or a discounted train pass to school or college


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  1. DECLARATION – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY To be completed by parent or guardian
    1. I have checked the Farepayer Scheme guide to determine whether I qualify for a guaranteed place on a school bus. I understand that if I do not qualify for a guaranteed place, there may not be any transport available.

    2. I agree to pay the relevant cost, as detailed in the current Farepayer Scheme guide.

      The Standard Rate applies to all primary, secondary and Post 16 students and is £744 per student for the 19/20 school year.

      The price of a train pass varies according to the journey. Please contact us to confirm the cost of your particular journey.

      I understand that transport for Farepayers is only awarded for one year at a time, so I will need to reapply every year.