West Berkshire Council

Application for licence to make a temporary excavation in the public Highway

Apply online for a licence to make a temporary excavation in the public Highway

iCM Form
  1. Payment required
    1. A fee of £89.00 is payable for this licence

      Payment can be made online immediately after submitting this form.
      Payment can be made using the following methods:-

  2. This Application must be accompanied by
    1. - A plan showing the precise location of the proposed excavation ;
      - Plans and sections which give details of what is proposed and its relationship with, and effect on, the Highway.
      - A copy of your current public liability insurance certificate – this must provide a minimum value of cover of £5 million.
      - Letters from Statutory Undertakers confirming either that their equipment is not affected, or, if it is, their requirements.

      You will have the opportunity to attach these documents at the end of this form - all the documents will need to be zipped / compressed into one file for the upload.
    2. Documents ready to attach?
    3. Upload Limits The limit for uploads is 4Mb (4096Kb) in total. Please keep total size of attachments below 4Mb, or the form will not submit. it is recommended that you prepare the documents in a compreseed folder (zipped file) before completing this form.

      If the prepared documents exceed the limit, please attach a note stating that you will send them by reply via email. Select the option to receive a copy of the email on the last page - and you can just reply and attach to this email.