West Berkshire Council

Apply for a Licence Related to Roads

Apply for a Street Works Licence
To put equipment connected with digging into a public road on the street
Apply for a Dropped Kerb for Vehicle Access
Vehicle access to your property over a pavement or grass verge
Apply to Close a Road
A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order to allow works to take place, a demonstration, event or other purpose
Apply for a Scaffolding Licence
Licence for Scaffolding on the Highway - S.169 Licence
Apply to Put a Skip or Skip Bag on a Road
Permission to Deposit a Skip on the Highway - S.139 Permission
Apply to deposit building materials on the highway
Licence to Temporarily Deposit Building Materials on the Highway - S.171 Licence
Apply for a Hoarding Licence
Licence for Hoarding - S.172 Licence
Tell Us About an Abnormal Load
How to notify us if moving an large load
Apply to Place Traffic Lights in the Highway
Permission to Place Portable Light Signals on the Highway
Apply to carry out works on, in or over a Highway - Section 115E
Apply to carry out work and/or place objects or structures on, in, or over a highway under Section 115E of the Highways Act 1980
Apply to Locate a Crane on a Highway
Section 178 Highways act 1980 Application to locate a crane on a highway.
Application for licence to make a temporary excavation in the public Highway
Apply online for a licence to make a temporary excavation in the public Highway

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