West Berkshire Council

Ask About a Room Booking at Shaw House

Conference and meeting rooms video, projector and audio equipment.

iCM Form
  1. Requirement details
      1. dd/mm/yyyy
      1. (please make sure that you have the correct title at the time of booking or advise later if there is a change)
  2. Contact Details of Hirer
    1. Name of hirer
    2. Address Postcode of hirer
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    3. Address Details of hirer
  3. Invoice Address (if different from above)
    1. Invoice Address Postcode
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    2. Invoice Address Details
  4. Booking made on behalf of
  5. Email Confirmation
  6. Please note that we may not be able to honour requests for specific rooms.

    Please ask your delegates to bring their course notification to the meeting so that we can efficiently deal with them on arrival)