West Berkshire Council

Consumer and Environmental Protection

Report a Noise Nuisance
Apply for a Temporary Event Notice
Apply for a Premises Licence
Apply for a Personal Alcohol and Entertainment Licence
More Licences: Alcohol and Events
Apply for a Dropped Kerb for Vehicle Access
Apply for a Scaffolding Licence
Apply for a Street Works Licence
More Licences: Roads
Register a Food Premises
Apply For Street Collection Licence
Apply for Grant, Renewal, or Transfer of Street Trading Consent
More Licences: Business
Apply For A Hackney Carriage (Taxi) Drivers Licence
Apply for a Hackney Carriage (Taxi) Vehicle Licence
Apply for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence
More Licences: Taxis
Licensing of Activities Involving Animals
Apply for a Licence to Keep Dangerous Wild Animal(s)
Apply for a Licence to Keep a Zoo