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Need a Building Regulation Application?

Please note that this form is intended for Building Regulations only. For Planning Permission advice please contact Development Control on (01635) 519111.

Question mark

This form can be used for detached garages, conservatories, carports, sheds, porches and other small domestic buildings and structures.

Please email any drawings or additional details direct to buildingcontrol@westberks.gov.uk stating the address and when the form was submitted.

We will respond in writing. Please retain our response for future reference when you sell your property.

iCM Form
  1. Your Details
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Telephone / Mobile
  2. Work details
    1. Address of proposed work: (if different from above)
  3. BACKGROUND INFORMATION (please answer all questions)
    1. 1. Previous work
      1. Has your house ever had any alterations, loft conversions or extensions carried out to it?
    2. 2. Proposed Work
      1. The length and widths should be measured internally other dimensions are external
    3. 3. Glazing
      1. Are there any areas of low level glazing?
      2. Example diagram for Glazing
    4. 4. Drawing
      1. Please provide a drawing indicating the position of the building with distances from other buildings and boundaries as indicated below.
      2. Example diagram for position of the building
      3. Please email any drawings or additional details direct to buildingcontrol@westberks.gov.uk stating the address and when form was submitted
  4. Upload documents and images
    1. Upload Limits

      The limit for uploads is 2Mb in total.

      N.B. If the larger the amount of data, the longer the page will take to submit. It may take some time if a large quantity of data is being uploaded.

      If you have more documents that you think might be relevant you can email electronic copies to buildingcontrol@westberks.gov.uk

Data Protection

West Berkshire District Council supports the objectives of the Data Protection Act 1998 and is registered as a data controller. Information which you provide will be governed by the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and may be processed by the Council in the performance of its statutory duties or for purposes required by law.

More information is available at www.westberks.gov.uk/dataprotection

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