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End of Week 51 and 52

The previous weeks have seen the protective barriers moved to the middle of the carriageway.

Posted by: Network Improvements Team on 04 October 2021 10:10

The previous two weeks have seen progress made on a few different elements of the scheme. Before the protective barriers we moved to the middle of the carriageway, the surface course of the footpaths was laid. This forms the final layer of the footpath, ready to be used by pedestrians. 

week 51 footway surface

Since the protective barriers have been moved to protect the central reservation area, progress has been made constructing the islands that will separate the lanes and provide a pedestrian crossing. 

The new central reservation whish serves as a lane divider has been kerbed, ready for the various tarmac layers to be laid in between. 

Week 51 central division

Another island has been kerbed in the middle of the carriageway which will hold the traffic light infrastructure for the new junction. 

Week 51 central island

And the final island which is being constructed is the new pedestrian crossing, which will allow pedestrians to cross the A339 and be able to walk to the new primary school from the east side of the carriageway. 

Week 52 central crossing

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