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End of week 39

Posted by: Network Improvements Team on 05 July 2021 10:35

The existing excavation is being populated with the utilities, this can be a very slow process due to the relatively fragile nature of the utilities, while trying to minimise disruption to their respective networks. 

Now that some of the utilities have been moved to their final locations, backfilling in preparation for the road construction can take place. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the utilities such as gas, extra steps have to be taken to ensure they are safe. Reinforced concrete is laid around the utility to provide this protection.

Week 39 utility protection

Existing ducting is being removed from its old location in their access manholes. This can also be a slow process as they have to be broken out of the manhole and threaded through the manhole in the new location. Then the ducting has to be repopulated with the utility it houses.

Week 39 Ducting

Activities on site next week:

  • Continuing to backfill over utilities.
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