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End of week 37 and 38

Utilities have been moved over the previous two weeks.

Posted by: Network Improvements Team on 30 June 2021 10:12

The past two weeks have seen significant progress with the utility diversions, similar to those that were undertaken for the northbound carriageway. The excavation for the widening has mostly finished, and work is being undertaken to populate the area with the utilities that need to be moved from their old positions. 

Week 38 utilities

The two major utilities to be diverted on this side of the carriageway were for water and gas, as well as more fibre lines. 

week 38 TW

Additional work was undertaken at the southern end of the scheme to reconstruct the footpath at the back of the new alignment. The edgings have been laid out ready to be lifted into the concrete bed and backing. 

Week 37 footpath

Activities on site next week:

  • Backfilling over utilities
Last modified: 03 November 2021 17:05

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