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Traffic Management and Road Safety

Road management and safety in West Berkshire.

School warning sign

We are committed to a programme of reducing road casualties through a combination of education, engineering and enforcement.  The Traffic and Road Safety Team actively promotes training programmes, events and courses, and co-ordinates the provision of resources, to encourage safer road use for both children and adults.

We deliver a programme of speed management, local and national publicity campaigns and educational initiatives in order to make the roads of West Berkshire safer for all our residents and those working in, visiting or travelling through the area.

The Traffic Management Team are responsible for road closures and events, taxi ranks, weight limits, parking restrictions, traffic calming and speeding restrictions.

Cyclists in West Berkshire
West Berkshire Council encourages people of all ages to cycle and the Traffic and Road Safety Team provides advice and resources on how to ride safely. We also operate various cycle training courses for young people in schools and during holidays.

Road safety events
Our objective is to make the roads of West Berkshire safer for all our residents, and for all those working in, visiting or passing through West Berkshire. We communicate road safety messages through local and national publicity campaigns, regular attendance at local events and through our Newsletter.

Vehicle Activated Sign Kintbury
In the last few years 62 Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) have been installed on roads within West Berkshire. VAS are electronic road signs that are triggered by an approaching vehicle to warn that the driver is going too fast or because of a hazard ahead.

We provide advice and resources for a range of road safety issues relevant to Drivers, Motorcyclists and Horse Riders. We also work with Local Business Managers in order to advise on the management of Work Related Road Safety.

Speed Indicator Device (SID) in action around the County.
We encourage drivers to slow down by using a range of approaches involving both education and enforcement. We inform drivers of their speed via the use of the Speed Indicator Device (SID) and encourage drivers to reduce their speed with our poster campaign.

A Montage of transport research
We investigate collisions, research causation factors and analyse speed data in order to target our campaigns effectively to reduce casualties.

School warning Signs
Schools are encouraged to include Road Safety into their curriculum and this can be achieved during personal, social and health education sessions or through role play, mathematics, science, geography and English.

Pedestrians and crossings
Pedestrian injury is the greatest cause of accidental death of children in Great Britain. We aim to reduce casualties through education by providing advice, literature and training to give both adults and children the skills they need to stay safe. We promote 'Walk to School Week' and work with schools to provide 'Walking Buses' for pupils.

The Local Transport Plan, produced by the Council's Transport Policy Team, sets out how transport in the district will develop over the next 15 years.

Following a successful bid West Berkshire Council has recently been awarded funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) to carry out highway improvements on the A4 between Royal Avenue and Langley Hill.

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