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Births, deaths, marriages and partnerships

The Registration Service is responsible for the registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships in West Berkshire.

The Ceremony Room, Shaw House, rear view

General Register Office (GRO) 

Under the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855, a congregation may apply for a "certified" building of worship. This can be done by applying to the Superintendent Registrar within West Berkshire Council in Newbury. This excludes churches or chapels of the Church of England, unless the building is shared with another religious denomination.

This is a ceremony to celebrate your child's birth and is a special way of welcoming them into your family. It is also an opportunity for you as parents and for friends or relatives chosen by you, to make promises to your child that you will provide them with love, support, reassurance and guidance throughout their lives.

The Registrar of Births is available to register births by appointment at Shaw House, Newbury, Hungerford Library, West Berkshire Council and the Calcot Office. Details of how to obtain copy certificates can be found by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page.

The Registrar is available to register deaths, by appointment, at The Register Office, Shaw House. She also attends an outstation once a week at Hungerford Library and the Calcot Office. To make an appointment, please call (01635) 279233.

As from 21 December 2005, same sex couples wishing to formalise their relationship may do so by registering as a civil partnership. In addition, couples who wish to do so, will be able to accompany and enhance the registration with a ceremony.

The ceremony room at Shaw House
The Registrar of Marriages is available to conduct weddings at Shaw House, Church Road, Shaw, Newbury RG14 2DR or at any other venue in the District licensed for the holding of weddings.

West Berkshire Council is not responsible for management of cemeteries and crematoria in the West Berkshire area, but these links will provide you with information on cemeteries and crematoria in the area.

The Nationality Checking Service (NCS) was set up to help ensure that your citizenship application is properly completed and submitted with all the relevant supporting documents. Our advisers are trained and registered to check and forward your application. They will photocopy and certify your passport and other valuable documents so they remain in your safekeeping and send your application and correct fee to the Home Office by special delivery post. Using the NCS is entirely optional and just give you greater freedom of choice. You can apply directly to the Home Office yourself or use a solicitor or other agent.

The Coroner's service is provided by Reading Borough Council on behalf of all local authorities in Berkshire.

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Superintendent Registrar
Tel:01635 279230

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