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Local Land Charges

Local Land Charges is a statutory service whose main function is processing Local Authority Searches.

 A Local Authority Search is part of the Conveyance process as a search reveals any charges that the council holds against a property or piece of land. These include such things as Planning Decisions, Tree Preservation Orders and Listed Buildings. A lender requires a search to make sure there is nothing untoward on the property. A Local Authority Search is made up of two legal documents. The first is the LLCI  which covers the LLC register. The second is the Con 29 form. This has specific departmental questions, i.e. 'Is the road adopted?' Both these forms are usually submitted together and constitute a 'standard search'. They can be submitted individually as well as a 'Con 29 Part II' which has specific extra questions for an extra fee or and 'Additional Enquiry' which is a solicitors/conveyances own question, once again for an extra fee. (Please see Fees).

Local Land Charges is also responsible for maintaining and processing searches on the Common Land and Village Green register. You need a Con29 Part11 form and select question 22 to search this register.

Searches must be submitted on appropriate forms solicitors will have copies of these forms or they are available from law stationers.


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