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Having Your Say

Commenting on a consultation, voting, getting involved with decision making and viewing or starting an e-petition.


We are committed in West Berkshire to listening and responding to our community.

In the way we plan, prioritise and deliver our services, it is essential that we actively consult and engage people.

This enables us to better understand how what we do impacts on those in our communities as well as how we can develop our services to better meet the needs and expectations of people in West Berkshire.

We're proud of West Berkshire, it's a great place to live and 86% of you agree. It's one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the UK. We want to make sure West Berkshire stays that way and that everyone who lives here can enjoy a good quality of life. That's why we consult people in West Berkshire about improving their local services and involve them in shaping the future of their communities.

Take part in West Berkshire Council's Community Panel and help us to understand residents' priorities and preferences by giving us your feedback, opinions and ideas.

West Berkshire Council is at the forefront of Parish Planning nationally and has been recognised for its pioneering work in community empowerment (see The Beacon Scheme - accessed from the related pages column on the right)). Across the District, communities, large and small, are developing or have developed a Parish Plan.

We have a commitment to respond to complaints about the Council or our services, and we want to be open and responsive, listening to your needs or concerns and addressing them as quickly as possible. We also aim to promote equal opportunities for all sections of the community.

Members of the public may present petitions and questions to some of the Council's Committees. Find out more about the various ways you can get involved in decision-making by clicking on the links below.

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The Council is responsible for the compilation and maintenance of the Register of Electors. There are currently just over 115,000 electors registered in 65,000 properties in West Berkshire.

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During normal working hours please telephone (01635) 42400

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Our staff are the first people that you'll speak to if you visit our offices or telephone our switchboard or Contact Centre. We'll provide the services you need, or will make sure you're put in touch with the right department.

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