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Decision Making

To provide its services to local people, and to agree council policies and act as a community leader, West Berkshire Council needs a system for making a large number of important, formal, decisions.

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The majority of these decisions are made by the councillors elected by local residents. This is done either through the Executive; through one of the supporting committees; or by all 52 councillors at one of the five or six meetings a year of the full Council.

Individual councillors can also make formal decisions (Individual Executive Member Decisions) provided they meet the requirements set out in the Protocol for Decision-Making by Individual Executive Members which is set out in Appendix B of Part 13 of the Constitution - Codes & Protocols.

Contacts: Moira Fraser or Andy Day

Here you can find out more about the council's committees and their meetings.

Scrutiny involves examining, or reviewing, the decisions, policies and services of West Berkshire Council and in some cases those of other organisations and partners to improve the lives of local people.

Members of the public may present petitions and questions to some of the council's committees. Find out more about the various ways you can get involved in decision making.

This facility enables you to be notified by email of newly published material that you might be interested in.

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