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Housing Strategy

The Council has a responsibility to ensure an appropriate balance of good quality housing, that is accessible and provides variety and choice across all tenures.. The strategic housing role requires the Council to understand local housing markets, assess current and future housing needs and to work with others to commission, fund and coordinate activities that will secure mixed, balanced and sustainable communities.

Street of Houses
Consultation on draft Homelessness Review and Homelessness Strategy 2012-2017
The Council's draft Homelessness Review and Homelessness Strategy 2012-2017 sets out known facts about homelessness and proposes a set of actions to prevent and tackle homelessness over the next five years.
The draft Homelessness Strategy has been prepared in consultation with key stakeholders. In addition, the Council's Overview  & Scrutiny Management Commission (OSMC), held a full day's scrutiny into homelessness, taking evidence from a range of statutory and voluntary agencies who work with households that are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Four recommendations proposed by the OSMC are included for consultation alongside the draft Homelessness Review and Homelessness Strategy.
We welcome your views on whether you consider that the Homelessness Strategy has taken the right approach in relation to preventing and tackling homelessnessThe consultation ends on 8th February 2013.

If you would like to make a comment please complete the survey or send comments to Mel Brain, Service Manager - Housing Strategy & Operations Tel: 01635 519403 or e-mail mbrain@westberks.gov.uk .

First Home
First Step West Berkshire is a joint scheme between West Berkshire Council and Newbury Building Society to give financial assistance to local first time buyers who want to own their own home but are unable to raise a full deposit to purchase a property.

Within West Berkshire there is a high demand for housing. West Berkshire Council is committed to working with owners of empty homes to bring them back into use.

Information and links to the Council's Housing Association partners.

With over 70% of West Berkshire classified as rural, responding to the specific housing needs of rural communities is one of our primary aims.

People in housing need can include people in the following circumstances: Change of circumstances (divorce, separation, death, family breakdown), over crowding, multiple families in one house, adult children living with parent(s), elderly parent(s) living with children, need to live closer to work / family, living in unsuitable conditions (disrepair - lack of modern amenities), special needs - desire for independent living; i.e. sheltered accommodation, modified accommodation for disabled use.

West Berkshire Council aims to hold a Landlords' Forum twice a year. The forum is aimed at private sector landlords and letting agents.

The Council has responsibility for enabling the provision of new affordable housing. This includes properties to rent from housing associations, low cost or shared ownership options including schemes to assist Key Workers, as well as the provision of supported housing for more vulnerable members of the community.

Community Plus Fund
Registered Providers who build in West Berkshire contribute to a fund that gives small grants to community projects. West Berkshire Council administers this fund. Applications can be made for up to £4,000 to support community projects that will benefit residents and their families in estates and areas where housing associations own properties. We aim to treat all applications fairly and process them as quickly as possible, so that community projects can become a reality.

The Council has adopted a Housing Strategy 2010- 2015, which is based on a detailed assessment of current and future housing need within the district, and which reflects the key priorities identified within national, regional and sub-regional housing policy.

Tenant Services Authority
Tenant Services Authority - Raising the Standard of Services for Tenants The Tenant Services Authority (TSA) is the independent regulator for affordable housing in England. It was set up on 1 December 2008 and the full range of regulatory powers came into force on 1 April 2010. Access to good-quality housing improves lives and is a foundation of strong communities. The TSA works with landlords and tenants to improve the standard of service for tenants and residents.

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Housing Strategy Manager and Operations Manager
Tel:(01635) 519403
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