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The Phoenix Resource Centre

A purpose-built resource centre with excellent facilities with a calm atmosphere and highly trained, experienced and caring staff. Situated in the South of Newbury close to Newbury College and the Retail Park.

Phoenix Resource Centre

The resource centre is open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.  We can support up to 30 people per day.  We  provide services for adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and for those with frailty and dementia.  Our spacious and well equipped centre has a variety of rooms and facilities which are used to provide occupational activities that are based on the choices and needs of our customers. 

Craft Circle
We encourage customers to use their imagination and creative talents to produce cards, jewellery, glass paintings, candles, art works, t-shirts and other exciting projects. Customers are encouraged to take part in the whole process from choosing fabrics, materials and colours to cutting, sewing and putting together the final product pdf icon Craft Circle [149kb]

Sensory Room
Our sensory room has a water bed, sensory bean bag, light tunnel, audio visual projectors and surround sound system and a wide variety of sensory equipment such as aromatherapy bubbles, tactile cushions and a door to shut out the stresses and worries of day-to-day life!

Optimusic Room
A cutting edge music and sensory experience using the latest technology and resources. Our custom designed dark room has a variety of light and sound beams which are connected to a computer. Any movement through the beams can be used to create sounds and music. This is both a wonderfully creative way for anybody to enjoy and make their own music.  Our customers use the Optimusic room as a therapeutic and relaxing resource as well as producing and recording their own music.

A qualified professional provides weekly 1:1 sessions tailored to the needs of our customers. This could be to help relax muscle spasms, calm anxiety and to become more comfortable with close social interactions, touch and gain confidence.

Pets As Therapy (PAT)
Fortnightly sessions with trained and vetted dogs.  Customers are able to pet and interact with the dog and gain comfort, companionship and therapy. This is one of our most popular sessions.

Sensory Kitchen
A small fully accessible kitchen which our customers can use to explore and enjoy foods and cooking from all cultures. We promote healthy eating and wellbeing and support our customers to develop their skills and abilities in the kitchen.  We encourage them to taste, touch and smell all the ingredients and get involved in all stages of food preparation, including eating some very tasty home cooked meals. 

Restaurant (Snack Bar)
We have a fully equipped kitchen which is ran by professional caterers and provides meals for staff, customers and other users of the Phoenix Resource Centre and Hungerford Resource Centre. image icon Snack Bar photo [24kb]

IT Suite
Our IT Suite is fitted with specialist equipment and our staff are highly experienced at supporting anyone, regardless of their disability, to get involved and online. Our primary focus is to support people to use computers to enhance the quality of their lives. This could be through social media, online shopping and communicating with family and friends. Our customers also use them for photography, current affairs and having fun!

We have a fully accessible 120 seater theatre which we use to provide music and drama sessions and hold events such as the Christmas Bazaar and celebrations for Older Peoples Day. pdf icon The Theatre [163kb]

Frailty and Dementia
We have staff that specialise in cognitive therapy for the treatment of dementia. Cognitive stimulation involves taking part in activities and exercises which are designed to improve their memory and language skills.

To find out if you are eligible to receive a service and how to get Help from West Berkshire Council contact the Adult Social Care team.

Volunteer Opportunities.
We currently have the capacity to take on volunteers at the Phoenix Resource Centre. We are looking for people that can help support our customers within their sessions who may have an artistic flare, talented at cooking, musically talented or someone who can just simply have a one-on-one conversation. If you would be interested in volunteering, please contact Mary Wells (Resource Centre Manager) on 01635 520158 or mwells@westberks.gov.uk

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